Appendix A: Updates as of 1997

Appendix A
Updates as of 1997

Those who have received this story, should have received out of desire for knowledge and this knowledge is intended for a righteous cause. Most of what I know I have learned with inspiration from the Holy Ghost, for the knowledge of men is foolishness unto God, therefore seek spiritual wisdom and not the wisdom of men.

The purpose of writing this story is merely to inform those who truly seek knowledge, those who can not handle deep doctrines are highly recommended not to read this until they can accept it with an open mind and a prayerful understanding. Let yourself believe whatever you may....
I have no desire to proclaim these things true, save it be my visions, the only purpose these things will serve to man or woman is to warn them of the deceitfulness of the adversary and how he works, and how he can deceive the hearts of men.

I ask you to pray over all doctrine that is given to you and ask of God if it is true. Many people believe rumors right away. Let them know that they are missing out on some great blessings for disbelieving in the works of God. For God is there and he is willing to teach all, he would that all his servants were prophets, it is our lack of faith that keeps us from him. May the Lord be with you and guide you on the right path to eternal life.

UPDATE April 11, 1995
Two weeks ago prior to this addition, I had a very strange dream of which I can only recollect fragments, but in which I remember seeing the small grey aliens once again. In the morning I awoke with a very severe headache and a nosebleed. The headaches still continue to this day, and my left nostril was in severe pain for two weeks and bled every morning. It felt as if something or someone had cut my nose up inside with a sharp object. I dismissed all these things as being a sinus infection, but I was not stuffy headed and I did not have any mucus blockage. I have recently talked with other alien abductees who claim to have had a simliar experience, and have found out that the aliens had either added or removed a probe from their nasal cavitiy. I hope to God this is not my case. I am confused and often times get discouraged, for if this was the case, why did God not protect me? I shall pray and hope it was just a sinus infection and nothing more.

UPDATE September 23, 1995
Recently I have updated this story. I have moved to Utah about a month ago. Since I have been here I have seen two UFOs over the mountains in the Salt Lake City area. They were both over the same location- hovering over top of the radar systems on the Wasatch mountain range- those large white balls that are there. The second week that I was here in Utah- it was my first day at work and I was driving to Ogden- I was just looking at the mountain and saw a silver disc shaped object flying slowly along the mountain range. It had no wings- no tail and no propellers of any kind. Then it stood still for at least a minute and then hovered straight up to the top of the mountain and hovered over top of the radar balls and then went down over the other side of the mountain.

Last week- in the same place I saw the same craft come over the radar balls and then flew into the sky and vanished into thin air!

Today I called James Thompson who wrote "Aliens & UFOs : Messangers or Deceivers?" He seemed excited to hear from me- He told me that he will support me and be there to help me in anyway- that makes me feel better. Also I have been talking with my new Bishop and he
supports me 100%.

UPDATE October 20, 1995
I have once again updated this story. I have now moved to Denver, Colorado due to some family problems. I am currently living with a very good friend who is very close to the Lord and understands the mysteries of God better than I do- though I have been shown many things he has not seen- but also he has been shown things that I have not seen. I have been directed of the Lord to keep record of the things I am shown and revealed- but my friend who is also LDS has been constrained not to write his record- so out of respect for him and his story I will not give a detailed account of his experience- though it is great, suffice it to say he too has learned the truth concerning these things and together as friends we seek truth and knowledge and hope to help stop the powers of Satan that are so rampant and establish Zion.

The past week as my family traveled home to Pennsylvania- the day after they left me in Denver, they - in my view- were followed by a UFO. In Kansas, they looked above their truck and saw a large black triangle circling around them high in the sky- it seemed to fly slow and circled at least three times until it left... I suppose it may have been looking for me. Either it was trying to find me or my family- because in one of my abduction dreams, I saw my brother there, but did not remember what happened to him. He always has headaches and has found a hard growth on his neck the size of a bee-bee. I used to tell him it was an implant and he would get mad... but its possible.

UPDATE May 28, 1996
A lot has transpired since I came home. I have been writing a new book based on this story. I have not been to church in 3 months. My leaders told me that I could not go on a mission, hold a calling, ect., unless I stopped talking about these things, deleted these files from public access, stopped talking with my friends on the Internet about these things, stopped reading deep doctrine and stuck to the basic of the Bible and the Book of Mormon - more or less they tried to control me and everything I was doing. So I chose to leave them after one last straw.
My mother wrote to the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In return they replied that there is no special blessing for abductees- totally denied any knowledge upon this subject and told us they did not know and had no affiliation with James Thompson who wrote Aliens and UFOs- and who told me that he spoke with the First Presidency in person and they approved his book and gave special blessings for several abductees- so from this conclusion I have found that the leaders have lied to me long enough and the only one I can trust is God. So I continue my endeavors alone...

UPDATE August 21, 1996

Tonight a very significant abduction took place. In the early hours of the morning I awoke from bed in a sweat as it seemed to be extremely hot in my room, as it usually is. I walked down the hallway and realized that my parents were missing from their room so I thought it was too hot for them and they also got out of bed. I went outside for some fresh air, to find my parents standing on the front porch looking up at the sky.

What they were looking at appeared to be a bright star and which I at first thought was Venus until it started becoming brighter as if it was coming closer. The suddenly the light increased in great speed and zoomed down above us. Suddenly to the left side of the yard appeared three luminous oval shaped craft. I was just filled with awe. They were about 20 feet in length, maybe about 15 feet in width. They were not very large. On the bottom of each one were red glowing orbs that were in a triangular pattern. I was not afraid at that time so I decided to walk toward the one craft in the middle. They were not touching the ground but hovering silently in place with a white glow over the lawn. As I got close enough to the middle ship I heard a swooshing sound and a hatch opened up on the front in which a bright white blinding light poured out from the craft. When my eyes became adjusted I saw three greys sitting inside, one of which suddenly reached out for me really fast like when a snake strikes its prey. I turned around to run away and yell telling my parents to run away. When I turned around I saw that my parents were still looking up at the sky as if frozen in time and realized they did not see what was going on.

As I turned to run I was paralyzed in mid air.... fade to black.

The next thing I remember is standing outside someone's apartment with two greys. They were acting very friendly like towards me and were talking to me through telepathy. They told me that they had brought me there to help take a man for his "checkup," and to teach him some things. They said that they were also going to teach me some things. As we went in the house I saw a woman sleeping on a couch in the living room. The one grey looked at me and said "Its ok. Look into my eyes and I will teach you how to move things using your inner powers." As I did so I was shown telepathically people in ancient times in Egypt and South America building pyramids and other things with some type of telekinesis. The men I saw were holding some kind of rods and would point them toward the object and no matter how large it what, it would levitate and move for them. I know this sounds uncanny as if I took it right out of Star Wars, but this is really what happened.

The grey then told me to try this myself, to feel the energy within me flow from my mind through my arms. As I did so I concentrated on a nearby object which was a box of tissues. In my mind I saw the event occur before the object moved and it was as if I asked the object to move, I felt the energy of the object connect with the energy in me and it began to levitate and move as I asked it to. I next tried this on a lamp, a fan, and a television. I felt a very strong tingling vibration go down my arms and flow out of my fingers.

Then the grey took me in the man's bedroom where he was a sleep. I was surprised to see that the man looked like my dad' brother, my uncle. I had a feeling as if one of them was either sick or they had a fight and that is why they were not sleeping together, either way I felt a depression in the room. I then saw a white light coming in the window and three greys appeared- two of them coming through the window and hovering beside the bed. We together then put out our arms and began to lift the man into the light and out through the window into a craft out above the house.

The next thing I remember is being in a white room (maybe inside the craft) and comforting the man as he seemed confused and angry. Then the next thing I remember is waking up and it was daylight and I had to get ready for work, as I had slept in.

That day after work I came home and asked my dad to come out to the lawn with me. I took him to where I saw the ships hovering over the grass and we both saw circular patterns sort of like crop circles bending down the grass in the same place where the red orbs were. The grass was not damaged in anyway nor were there any signs of burning. I asked my father and mother if they remembered anything and they did not even recollect going outside and seeing the light. But my father did mention that it was strange that he did not remember getting out of bed at all, because he usually gets out of bed every night on a daily basis due to a weak bladder. Both of my parents slept in that day also.

UPDATE June 1997

Sometime during this month a glowing disc came by the house three nights in a row. The one evening I was sitting on the toilet and looked out the window to see a glowing orange disc hovering over the backyard. It was a dull silver color disc with a bright orange dome on top. It did startle me but it left as fast as I saw it come.

The next evening my mother said she had a strange dream that she had woken up and saw the very same glowing disc in the back yard outside her window. I told her it was not a dream and that I had seen the same thing the night before. Yet she continued to be skeptical.

Then that evening I was taking my dog a walk when on the way home I watched an orange orb flying toward the house. I started running very fast toward the house dragging my poor dog behind, but by the time I got there it was gone.

The next evening I was online talking to one of my friends, and felt an urge to go outside on the back porch when I did so I immediately noticed a bright orange orb coming toward the house again. It got brighter and closer but then it suddenly took off once more.
It never came back and I have no idea what exactly it was trying to do.

~Enoch Theos

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