Chapter 3 : My Abductions

My Close Encounters : Chapter 3 
My Abductions

~ When I was about four or five, I believe this was the first time I ever had a dream about an alien. I don't know how I've been able to remember it all these years, but it still spooks me and it is still very vivid.

~ I lived in a trailer park called William's Grove, nice place, had an amusement park right beside it. There was also a manmade pond right in the middle of the park. My friends Billy and Mark would always play there in the creek and explore. One day I remember being very tired so I went home to my trailer and took a nap. All of a sudden I remember being near the pond with my friend Mark, he was crying. I then saw this monster about as big as me with big black eyes, a skinny gray body and it had a green light about it. At first I thought it was some kind of swamp monster from the pond. I was so scared that I couldn't move. I tried to scream and my friend just stood there. It walked up to me and pointed at the pond where the creek fed into it and I saw a little boy floating in the water. I then woke up out my bed and it was night time. I heard a loud buzzing beside my head and saw what I can only describe now as a large ball of yellow light beside my head. I ran out of the room and into my mom and dad's room. I woke up my dad and said that I saw a giant bee beside my bed. I thought it was a giant bee because it was buzzing. After that night I never saw it again. But in later years I recall how weird that the dream came true. Being only four years old I didn't understand anything about dreams or prophets. That same year I remember that one of the little boys in the trailer park whom I knew, had fallen into the same creek that I saw in the dream and drowned. I remember seeing the firemen pulling his body out of the water and my father pulling me away.

~ Two years later we had moved to Sunbury, Pennsylvania. It was there that my family was introduced to the gospel and was baptized. I recall many nights having bad dreams in that big house. I would go to bed and hear a loud buzzing sound, but my mom didn't hear it, sometimes it felt like somebody was in my room. My baby brother slept quietly in the crib but I laid sweating under the blankets.

~ I hadn't had any really strange experiences for awhile, or at least until I started to hit puberty. I was about twelve years old.. When I was eight I was baptized but never really understood what it meant. I don't really remember my baptism that much. I thought it was neat to go swimming at church. I once went into the woods near my house to pray. I had hoped to see what Joseph Smith saw, but nothing appeared. Joseph Smith was the founder of the Mormon church who was visited by angels and God and Jesus Christ, and is similar to alien visitations. But on the way home I felt warm all over and a voice in my head said 'The church is true and someday you will be like Joseph Smith.'

~ Soon after these UFO sightings I began to think about them a lot. I would talk with kids at school but they just laughed at me. I would go to the school library and read books about UFOs but could never find any similar to the ones I saw, most of the photos were taken in the daytime. But I came across a drawing of an alien made by a little boy who said he saw one in his back yard. It was the exact same thing I saw in the dream when I was little, it shocked me so much that I immediately closed the book and left the library.

~ Then it started to happen, at night I would always have a strange feeling of being watched while I slept. Sometimes the fear became so intense that I couldn't sleep which would result in me sleeping in the following morning and skipping school. Then the weird stuff started. I began to wake up at night and see balls of light floating around in the darkness and I couldn't move, so I just closed my eyes. Then one night I got up to go to the bathroom and for some reason I felt I needed to go look in my brother's room. When I looked in I saw that face in the window, the big black eyes, the round head and slanted chin. It freaked me out because we lived in a two story house. I ran to my room and hid under the blankets.

~ The following nights I would pray about it and asked God to protect me. Then as I laid in bed after everyone was asleep I started to hear buzzing from outside the window. An extreme fear came over me and I couldn't move and I couldn't yell for my parents. An eerie green light started to fill my bedroom from outside and then I would somehow just wake up the next morning not remembering anything after the green light. I would usually have a severe headache, a sore throat, or feel extremely tired and drained of all my energy.

~ After about three or four nights of this I knew it would probably happen again, and it did. This time I prepared myself, I knew I had the priesthood and I knew Heavenly Father loved me and would protect me. When the green light entered the room, my body was paralyzed. I tried to call upon Heavenly Father to cast it out of my room but I could not speak, my jaw was really tight. So I prayed in my head when all of a sudden I saw that the wood-grain on my bedroom door appeared to be forming into the face of man with a beard and long hair. I thought it was Jesus Christ. Then a bright white light came from above me and chased the green light away. As soon as this happened I had control of my body and I immediately pulled the covers over my head, I had no idea that God would actually do such a great thing. I then heard a voice which was so calm and loving saying to me 'You are safe now, you may go back to sleep.' And I peeked through the blankets and saw a man in white clothes standing beside my bed. I was still a little frightened but I felt peace and that the terror was over...for now.

~ It was the Thanksgiving of 1992, my grandmother and uncle had come up for Thanksgiving dinner and to spend the day with us. During the day my grandmother started talking to me about aliens for some reason and I started telling her of the things I had seen when I was little.

~ Then that night I remember being awaken by a noise, I first noticed that my computer monitor was reflecting a bright green light and then my whole room was filled with a bright green light. My first thought was, 'Oh no, they're back!' Then I again was paralyzed as it had happened to me when I was twelve. I was looking out my bedroom window and I stared face to face with a gray alien. There were two more behind him. I tried to yell but again my jaw was tight and my tongue was stiff. It just looked at me with those scary big black eyes liked it looked into my soul, I felt evil and fear, I am surprised I did not release my bowels! Then the light consumed me and I was drawn out of my bed into the light. While this was happening I was praying in my head and all of a sudden I was walking down the street in front of my house with an angel.

~ This angel was a magnificent looking man. He was about seven feet tall and the bright white light around him was as pure as freshly fallen snow and it radiated about the entire front yard like a morning sunrise. His face was gentle and happy and his eyes looked at me lovingly. His whole countenance was just amazing beyond description.

~ He placed his hand upon my shoulder and pointed toward the house. I looked over to my bedroom window and saw the three beings still at my window hovering above the ground in a bright green beam of light which seemed to be coming from nowhere. The angel stayed by my side and protected me. I tried to cast the small gray aliens away with my priesthood but they were still there. I was so angry, the things that had made my life miserable since I was a child now there within my view, and I saw how weak they were, how small. And I thought 'These beings so small, yet their power is enough to stop me in my tracks.'

~ But this time I was free, this time I could harm them and I did. I ran to one and grabbed it by the neck and started to strangle it. I could feel its spine coming through the back of its neck as it let out a horrible screeching noise.

~ They were not very tall, only about four feet high- but they hovered in this light up to my height until they were next to my face. Their skin was like a reptile's- cold and leathery. Their damn eyes got to me the most- big black liquid eyes- just twos holes for a nose and barely a mouth- just a slit. Their bodies were not very proportional as ours are. Their arms hung down a little past their knees, and their heads seemed to large for their neck to support it.

~ The angel just stood by as I went into a rampage and killed all three of them. They were so fragile. The angel smiled as if I had done the right thing. And we then proceeded to lay the dead bodies on the lawn. I watched the green light fade away and saw no light except the brilliant radiance of the angel's. The angel knelt down at the bodies which seemed to be changing from gray into a sick yellowish color. I watched as the angel opened his robes and unsheathed a golden sword and began to cut away the tops of the beings heads and their brains came out in an upper and lower section.

~ The angel arose and spoke 'Behold, they are nothing to us. They are nothing but creatures of evil.' Then a blue light or conduit from the sky actually transported them into small balls of light and took them away. So I have no evidence that I actually killed them. We, the angel and I then entered the house, and in the kitchen were three more aliens. One came up to me with a long shiny metal rod that seemed to have a laser beam coming out it. The alien stuck it in the left side of my neck and it stung really bad and then I could not move, so the angel touched me and I could move again. I then immediately punched the alien square in the face breaking its neck and killing it instantly. The other two stood by looking at their fallen comrade -- their moves were very quick and their heads rotated almost as fast as a lizard. The angel held up his arms and
spoke In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to depart. Then both the creatures immediately fell to the floor and these gray aliens were again taken up into a beam of light in the same manner as before.

~ Then the angel covered my eyes and then uncovered my eyes. I was all of a sudden on top of a large mountain looking down over a large valley filled with aliens and strange looking humans and their spacecraft. Then I saw hundreds of people dressed in white walking on the mountain with us as if they had come to watch. And then a voice from heaven said 'Behold, these evil ones have perverted the ways of the Lord and deceived many and fornicated with my children. They shall have no place in my kingdom nor in this world to come.' Then a fire came down from the sky and consumed all the beings and all the strange humans and all the UFOs and nothing was left. The angel then spoke saying I had seen enough and he again placed his hand over my eyes. I awoke from my bed and it was morning.

~ Later in that year even in the same month I noticed a scar in the shape of a circle that I never had before. I couldn't recall how it got there but one day when my mom asked me how it got there I had a flashback of when the alien stuck that silver rod in my neck. Now I had proof that I've seen them!

~ On this same night of November 22, 1992. There was a UFO crash on Long Island, New York which was supposedly shot down by the government with a plasma cannon. I have seen the pictures of the small gray alien captured at the crash site and it was exactly the same type that abducted me.

~ The most unusual abduction I have had so far occurred in May of 1993. I remember first being inside a UFO high above the earth, not remembering how I got there. I was standing on a circular silver pad with two grays beside me- it reminded me of the teleporter room you see on Star Trek. I could not move and I noticed my hands were bound by some sort of metallic device. I saw the front of the room turn into a type of window and we were looking down over the earth, but I could not see any stars. The gray at the control panel was moving its hands back and forth but there did not seem to be any dials on the panels just holes and places to put their hands. The larger gray beside me held up his arms and we flew down to the earth at a great speed. We then appeared to be flying over a city, which reminded me of Denver. We flew south-east to a deserted area with some mounds and the ground opened up and the entire craft went down into the earth. We rapidly went through some type of tunnel and then finally came to a stop.

~ A door opened to the left of us and a strange light poured into the craft. I noticed that above the door were some strange glyphs- like some form of altered Egyptian. I could move my legs and the larger gray directed me outside the craft with two smaller grays. We were in a very barren place full of dirt -- the sky appeared unusually orange and gray as if it was some type of artificial light. I saw a building with the initials MJ upon it and was greeted by three peculiar looking men dressed in black. The men told me that they were MJ 1, 2 and 3. I at that time did not know what it stood for. I was then turned about and taken down a cavern entrance until we came to some very huge ancient looking doors. The grays waved their arms and the doors opened.

~ Inside was one of the most beautiful places I ever had seen. It was an underground city paved with marble and gold. There was abundant plant life and lots of water. I saw many people walking about dressed in white robes and they were all busy doing something. I was taken into a palace type building and we came to a throne.

~ The throne turned around towards me and I was face to face with a strange looking man. It appeared to be half human -- half alien. It was quite huge, and was clothed in a crimson robe. Its eyes were large and black but had pupils. It had almost full lips and a nose. It wore a crown of some sort.

~ It then spoke to me telepathically. 'Greetings, 'The chosen one,' we have awaited your arrival.' I inquired 'The chosen one? Chosen for what?' It explained that they had chosen me to join their people and that I was a prophet to lead them. They would give me great powers- every power I had ever dreamed of- I could fly, I could tell the future, I could heal the sick and travel through time. I got angry and said 'I am a servant of Jesus Christ and the only power I need is the Priesthood of God. If I was meant to have the things of which you speak then God would show them unto me in his due time. Now I ask for you to let me go- you have no right to do this to me.' The being then said that God had made them also and that God had sent them to tell me these things. This made me even more upset, because it seemed they would have told me that in the first place if they were really from God. Instead they did not mention that until I said I was a servant of God. So I commanded them in the name of Jesus Christ to let me free. In which the being tapped the metal bands on my wrists and they flowed like mercury into the shape of a ball into his hand. He then bowed his head and told us to depart.

~ The two small grays took us back to the entrance. I looked around one last time and the people were looking at me with confused faces and a bit of interest in me. Who ever they were I had a desire to help them and to know what they were doing here. But I wanted to leave and as we were walking away back toward the cavern entrance one of the grays asked me if I was sure I was making the right decision. I affirmed I knew I was. I asked it if it knew Jesus Christ, and it seemed to be afraid of the word and affirmed he did not know him. I got angry and picked up the gray and threw it against a wall until it collapsed. I was about to try and turn back to the people when I felt a buzz on my neck and everything went black. When I came to I was back in my bed...

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