Chapter 6 : Spiritual Manifestations

My Close Encounters : Chapter 6 
Spiritual Manifestations

~ Soon we moved back to where we used to live into a development called Lake Meade only about 15 miles away from William's Grove where I lived when I was little. It was here when I began to have many strange dreams. I would dream about the end of the world. I would see cities on fire and earthquakes and darkness upon the lands and wars.

~ The worst nightmare was when in the dream I woke up and saw that my room was filled with smoke and that my dog lay unconscious on the floor. I walked into the hallway and came face to face with what appeared to be a demon, a very deformed human. I commanded it -- in the name of Jesus Christ and by the authority of the priesthood -- for it to depart and then suddenly a golden sword appeared in my right hand. I had no choice but to slay the creature. I walked into the living room and saw more demons but my father was there trying to cast them away. I ran out of the house. I saw the fields burning with people screaming. The sky was extremely black. I saw my brother surrounded by a mist of darkness and it was leaping at him and then he was pulled into a conduit of light. I was alone and I kneeled down and called out for my Savior. The heavens did not answer, then the earth opened up beneath me and I fell down through the darkness onto the back of some creature. It was a dragon. It had a chain tied to its neck and I grabbed hold of it. All around me people were calling for help in the darkness but I could not help them. I thrashed the sword into the dragon's neck and it crashed to what seemed to be ground. I then walked down a hallway and came to a coffin. Inside I saw one of my best friends who I knew had recently committed fornication and he decided that was the kind of lifestyle he wanted. Then a black cloaked figure came forward and said Behold I am Lucifer and it was by my power that I have brought you here. If you shall let out your hand and accept me I shall grant you great power and you can be with your friend here forever. I shouted No. I serve Jesus Christ. Depart from me! And I shoved the sword in his heart and he warned me he would be back to torment me even the rest of the days that I live upon this earth. Then a door opened up and a bright light came out and I saw many people dressed in white, I walked through and the door shut. I then awoke.

~ At this point in my life I knew that God must have some great work for me to do for the adversary to come against me so distinctively. I had no idea what to do so I wrote a letter to the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My Bishop later came to me in a couple of months with a letter from the First Presidency. It said that it was the Bishop's duty to talk to their own members of the ward and it was his job to interpret their problems. At that time I did not understand the lines of authority in the church. He encouraged me to keep everything to myself and actually he thought that I was making most of it up. Somehow it even got around the ward that I was a Satan worshipper. The Bishop again called me into his office claiming that I was a problem in the ward and that he had to stop me. I never did anything to offend anyone and I never told anyone save it be my parents of what I had seen, he said then it must have been rumors.

~ Then on May 2, 1992, my father was in a head on collision with a drunk driver on the way home from a baptism at church. I was supposed to go with him that night but at the last minute I decided not to. The next two days I was extremely sad, I began to have nightmares and feel an evil presence in my room at night, I even felt physical pain. Then on May 4, I prayed for help and a blessing since my father was in the hospital yet. A voice spoke to me proclaiming to be Jesus Christ and he told me that angels would bless me. That night angels visited me and healed me, three of them, one seemed to very old with eyes as fire and one was very large wearing armor and holding a sword. Two of them told me their names but they commanded me not to share them and I will not even tell you of the blessings they gave me, it is too sacred.

~ Five nights later I had a beautiful vision. Since no one has commanded me not to share this than I feel it would be good and that it may benefit some other people. A few other people have written books about what they saw in the afterlife. One best seller called Embraced By The Light by Betty J. Eadie has inspired me that it would be good to share something spiritual besides talking about Satan and his Watchers, I feel I am giving him too much credit. This vision should make you feel good inside, it should since I know it is true.

~ As I remember very clearly, I was walking down a straight and narrow dirt path which was in the middle of a large valley or field, and I could see the green fields and valleys were never-ending in all directions. As I headed down the path, I then saw to my right side, all of my family, at least those who I recognized as my family, and some of my friends, but they were all older. Behind them was a great multitude of people which I had failed to recognize but I knew them from someplace. I then looked to my left and beheld a lesser multitude mostly consisting men, and I knew these men, I could tell that they had much wisdom, and I knew that they were God's choice prophet's from the creation of the world until this time. Some of these men looked old, but everyone else seemed to have young, healthy, and perfected bodies. Everyone was dressed in white, including myself, in which there was also a glow emanating from my skin.

~ Then there appeared to be angels among the multitudes and administering unto them and they were surrounded by great light. The multitudes then began singing and praising the Lord with uplifted voices.

~ Then as I continued along the path I saw buildings on the horizon. As I got closer I saw that it was a city which the path led into, and it was a very beautiful city. There were glorious buildings made of marble and gold, and this city was surrounded by a very bright glow on the horizon. I then looked to the sky and saw that it was very bright and clear, but there was no sun.

~ Then suddenly, before me, a little way ahead in the path, many people began crowding together, and at that very moment in the midst of the great excitement, I knew where I was.- I was entering New Jerusalem and these people were the people of Zion - for out of the crowd came forth a man, and to my amazement, I knew this man was Jesus Christ. He then approached my friends and family, and hugged and kissed them.

~ Jesus, my Lord and Redeemer, then turned towards me with his arms open. He smiled at me and his face seemed to glow, in fact all the light was emanating from him. At this moment I was at awe and warmth filled my bosom. Jesus then began to approach me, not saying a word with his arms yet wide open. As he came near to me, I could vividly see scars on his palms and wrists; he was dressed in robes of exquisite whiteness, the whitest white I've ever seen, and his gowns were laced and lined with gold and he wore a loose gold belt around his waist.

~ My Lord and Savior then came forth and embraced me, a very firm and loving embrace, and I embraced him just the same. I felt complete safety and the purest love I could ever imagine. He then stood back and looked into my eyes and I saw every detail of his. His eyes were bright blue like the oceans of the earth; his hair was long, down a little past his shoulders- at this time his hair was light brown as we see it in paintings- but I believe in his most glorious form he has white hair. He was very large and broad in stature about six feet tall.

~ Jesus then held his left hand to the multitude and his right hand to me, as if introducing me to the multitude. Then from beside me on my right, came forth a young woman who wore a white gown. She had light brown hair, but I did not see her face. I had a very strong attraction to her spirit, I felt love. She hugged and kissed Jesus Christ. She held my hand. I felt unity, love and warmth. Then the light ascended or brightened and I awoke to the morning sun coming through my window.

~ Am I a prophet? Now I was faced with a new reality, I knew my purpose in life and who I was and what I had to represent and do to return to my Heavenly Father. Being administered unto by angels and visited of the Lord at only fifteen years of age led me to believe that I was a prophet, either that or I had a great work to do. But what actually is a prophet? It says in the scriptures that anyone who has a testimony of the Savior receives one by the spirit of prophecy and thus they are considered a prophet.

~ I knew that there was a prophet leading the church but I got into the problem of believing that I myself would one day become the prophet and that I would be like the prophets of old warning people in the streets. I am over that now, I've matured and grown wiser. I know that only the Prophet of the church holds the authority to receive revelation for the church. ~I began to have many visions and I continued to write them in my journal. I will go into detail later of what things I have seen. But I warn you they were pretty intense and have been considered blown out of proportion. They seemed to much for me to handle, being only eight-teen years of. I shall include them for perhaps they shall benefit others seeking truth. I believed everything I saw was true, and that it would come to pass, but perhaps that is where I deceived myself or let the adversary deceive me...

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