Chapter 9 : The Secret is Out

My Close Encounters Chapter 9
The Secret Is Out

"We’re tracking 4 very large blips on the monitors sir, all heading toward the east coast, moving a lot faster than any of our recon teams can go after them…hold.. they appear to be stopping over the Atlantic." "Send out a coastal search immediately, we can’t let any civilian ships get near these things." "Yes sir." "BRIEFING WILL BE HELD IN 10 MINUTES.." The commander’s voice echoes over the loudspeakers down the wide lonely hallways deep under the surface. There, they are located inside a hidden naval installment outside Area 51, secluded in the Nevada desert, 35 miles from civilization.

~ Here in this chamber we find several men working away on computers- connected through every known Internet service and airforce base in America and UN countries. Three men here have all been previously trained in NTL combat, two experienced in stealth technology- one of which is an ex-Navy S.E.A.L. They will be called by their handles. The commanding officer, StealthR- a well built older man in charge of the facility directs the daily routine of the intelligence organization and preparation for selected contacts throughout the United States and Canada.

~ StealthR is a man you do not want to piss off- trained in first hand experience with alien encounters, once lobotomized a man in combat by shoving a stick up his nose- very military and aggressive. His years in seclusion and combat have worn him down to the point where he himself barely has any emotion- at least none that can show on the surface.

~ CT102 (AKA Snark, QPG and AT) is a young talented gentlemen- not as military like or as aggressive as StealthR- is the one trained in stealth technology, quantum mechanics and UNIX programming and in charge of all the computers and contacts made over the Internet. He does not like where he is now- always looking for a way to get out. He has gained a lot of knowledge of what’s really happening over the past two years and has been able to understand it better than anyone in his position, and wants so much to let people know what he does and someday get it out to the real world. Being stuck in an underground facility for years and only allowed out into the real world for short periods of time under heavy escort, with no family, changed identity and terrible food is really starting to get to him. He would do anything just to get out and be a normal civilian.

~ FourDim, also young, entered the ARMY in hopes to explore the world, then got involved in the Navy S.E.A.L. division, could hold his breath up to 4 minutes if needed. This man was less compassionate then CT102- but always was witty. All three of these men found the truth- they knew what was going on with these UFOs and all the crashes- they did not like where they were now- and the computers were their only way of getting the truth to the outside world- Their installment was secret and their activities were kept confidential from the rest of the bases- in fact if word got out to what they were doing would end in their literal termination and they would never get out.

"CT102, how’s your latest contact doing out there in Pennsylvania? Has he had any new sightings that I should be made aware of?" StealthR asked. "Well nothing serious sir, not since he had that sighting in December- except for his father and brother seeing some star-like objects in the sky zoom away really fast. Oh, and he claims that he saw a supposed M.I.B. looking in his front window last week- I have tried to verify this with other contacts in the area- none of them claim to have seen any men in black, who knows what he really saw. Says he looked up and there was a man, tall, in a black suit looking right in his front window- runs over to the door and no one is there- not even a single footprint in the snow! Now to me this sounds a little delusional- not saying it wasn’t real- we have heard stories like this- just have not been able to really confirm anything- whatever it is does not seem harmful - just trying to scare him. But believe me, he does not seem to be shaken by anything- I mean just look at some of the things this kid knows- he knows just as much as we do about these beings and UFOs, if not more, even right down to the reason the aliens are here… I have been in contact with him a couple months now- I know we are not supposed to have associates on the outside but even this guy is starting to teach me some things…" "Well you better be real careful, understand? Because if you get too close to him you will have to cut off all contact- we can’t have some 19 year old knowing everything about us- we can not do much to stop him with the information once he has it- if you let anything slip out- it could be very dangerous to you if our heads find out about it- they will want to know everything you told him- and they can stop him."

"Greetings CT, how are you this evening?" I asked. "Fine, I have to be careful with what I am telling you lately- I have been reprimanded for giving you some clues to our location and as you know certain words I can not use. Those who direct this base - those who are above StealthR- monitor all of the conversations that leave this terminal- the system is programmed locally so that if I say certain words I could be removed from this duty. The program recognizes certain phrases and words, locations, names ect. And if I gave you that information it would cause and alarm to go off for they have been flagged. How have you been- our monitors are picking up that there has been some recent activity in your area- and a base in Maryland is monitoring the area- I see the red light is on so that means they have been monitoring most of the day today."

"Actually CT, I have had a very severe headache today that almost made me vomit. It last for about two hours and then suddenly stopped. But I have not seen any activity myself. My father and brother a few days ago saw two very bright star-like objects on the way home from the mall and then each of them zipped away very fast." "That’s interesting. You may be a pinger." CT said. "What’s a pinger?" I asked. "Did you have this headache start today around 2:30 EST and then end at around 5:00 PM?" "Yes exactly! How did you know?" CT laughed and said "Yep you’re a pinger." Again I asked "What is a pinger?" In which he replied "Every so often a base out your way underground in Maryland sends out a very high frequency radar and a sonar magnetic signal. This signal is higher than radio, telephone, or satellites, but some humans, like you, who are working on a higher frequency can pick up this signal which may result in the terrible headaches you describe or a ringing in the ears. This is one of several signals being used at the present. This also may show you do in fact have an implant. As the signal will ping off of it, (usually based in the sinus area or where the neck meets the spine.) will cause a slight vibration causing the nerves to send out pain in that general area."

~ (My contact with these men continued on and off for about 6 months, since I write the remainder of this chapter over a year later due to complications in my personal life, many of the original conversations have been lost. Through the past year I have worked on the Internet finding many others with like information, which led me and another UFO researcher who used the pseudonym of BRANTON, created an organization composed mainly at the core with Christian based UFO researchers, and abductees. The organization is called EagleNet : Citizens Against the New World Order. I will talk about EagleNet in detail later on.)

~ CT102 and myself started becoming good friends, as he began to see the spiritual battle and religious implications behind these alien beings I began to teach him what I had learned. I then came in contact with a young lady in New Jersey who was having similar experiences to myself who had introduced me to an Internet based Abductee Support Group. She confirmed that she had been having the headaches at the same time as I was. I introduced her to CT102 who had by that time even contacted me on the phone and he was about to send out evidence to me contained on security tapes of Nordic and Grey beings having meetings with Naval Intelligence. He told me that he was going to try to escape the base at one point and then he would contact me in person.

~ The woman I was in contact with one evening was asking CT about a possible underground base near her home in New Jersey. Through the conversation CT gave the location and name of the base by accident. He told her that the warning light went off during the conversation.
~ Later that evening CT contacted me and said that something he said was flagged and that his locker had been cleaned out and painted yellow which he said meant he was to be removed from duty. He told me he was not sure if he would ever talk to me again but he knew he was in trouble and that he let too much slip out. His final words to me were "I feel you have been blessed with the correct knowledge about these beings, and that you will have the power to stop them eventually. I feel you are the one. Good luck."

~ Two days later I was contacted by FourDim who worked under CT102. I asked him what had happened to CT, and FourDim said that he was gone, and that he has been assigned to start off where CT ended. I asked "What do you mean, gone?" He was hesitant to tell me as he knew CT and myself had become friends. But I eventually forced it out of him. When StealthR found out that CT had leaked information by accident he said it was out of his hands, that those in control found out that information was being leaked out of the base which could undermine their whole operation they were working on. Basically what they were doing at that base was against the higher ups in the Naval Intelligence and that those in command would take out not only all those people employed at the base but all the outside contacts including myself if CT told them. StealthR said he told CT that there was only one way out of this to protect everyone else, and CT complied with it. As StealthR and CT planned, they got in their vehicle and traveled down the dirt road to another location to where the higher ups were waiting to talk with CT102 and pretty much extract all the information from him. As they were riding along, CT as planned, jumped from the vehicle and began to run across the desert. StealthR yelled at him to stop or he would shoot, and that’s exactly what StealthR did. CT102 was shot dead in the back. The secret was safe.

~ FourDim then confirmed this to me saying that StealthR had returned to the base hours later telling everyone what had taken place, and then he said that CT is an example of what would happen to anyone else if they let the wrong information out. After StealthR said this, he emptied CT102’s cremated remains all over the floor and then ordered some men to sweep it up and put it out in the garbage. As time went on I continued to question FourDim to the possibility that CT was not dead and that StealthR let him escape. I evened questioned StealthR what temperature had to be used to cremate a person of which he never told me, so the possibility of CT being alive today still intrigues me.

~ FourDim then told me that CT102 had filled an entire notebook up all about me and that it was taking him some time to find where he left off. I told FD that CT promised to send me evidence on video tapes. FD then said he no longer had access to those security tapes as they were moved to a new location under higher security after the demise of CT. But he told me that he had a contact on the outside, a civilian who I could contact who had over 80 hours of security tape with the beings on.

~ I was then introduced to a man he told me about. His name was Roland Smith, not his real last name for protection. I began corresponding with Roland on a weekly basis and then a daily basis until we also eventually became good friends. He told me that he had also worked in the military in their remote viewing projects. He was there until he said the remote viewing became too intense for him to handle and it began to make him sick. So he retired from the military. He was now a president of a software company in California. Overtime both us lost contact with FourDim. Actually through all the research and radio equipment Roland was using- he was making a pretty good point on the location of the base. He had gathered military records for FourDim and StealthR and knew they were who they claimed. He began sending me pictures over the net which not just a few hours after they were sent my computer was crashed by a major virus- completely turned my hard-drive into a paperweight. So Roland and I knew that our conversations were most likely now being traced.

~ Roland came to the East Coast on business a few times, and I introduced him to the lady in New Jersey who had been with me through this all. Roland and her fell in love and became engaged, all the time telling both of us that what we were doing was very dangerous. Roland, myself and the woman in New Jersey began to be followed by black helicopters everywhere we went, and even Men In Black showed up on occasion. One MIB showed up at my house one evening just looking at me through my living room window. Then another day I was followed home from work by a completely black car with tinted windows which stayed behind me for about 30 miles and then disappeared. Roland called me one night and told me that helicopters were landing in his backyard. During the conversation someone came to the front door of his home and he went to talk to them. He returned telling me the man looked like a Men In Black and told him he was from the FDA and demanded that Roland hand over all of his radio equipment. Roland persisted to ask the strange man to show his credentials and authority in which the Man In Black did not and then just walked away down the street. Roland became very nervous as the week progressed, coming home one day to find his entire home was ransacked and all his equipment was gone.

~ He then said he would be heading to the east coast with the evidence and meet me at the Harrisburg airport, and would be picking my friend up in New Jersey. That week he contacted me several time from hotels and told me he was constantly being followed by black cars and was very worried. As I was at work one day at a greenhouse, I was driving a golf cart across the highway to move flowers from one greenhouse to another. As I was going across the highway the battery in the golf cart went completely dead. There I was in the middle of a highway with cars coming dead in my tracks. I heard a sound and looked above me to see a black helicopter hovering directly overhead- so close that I could hit it with a rock. I could just make out that there was two men inside of it. It hovered there and then flew away. I could not hear a loud sound when the helicopter was above me- just a hum. But as it flew away it sounded like a regular helicopter. I got out of the golf cart pushing it when all of a sudden it started again by itself and I fell on my face.

~ Then I lost contact with Roland, he never showed up on the east coast. He never contacted his fiancée again and has been missing for over a year now. After he turned up missing the black helicopters stopped coming back and the MIB sightings also stopped. I guess they got what they wanted. But I am still here and though I do not have much physical evidence at the moment, I will continue to let the secret out…

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