Chapter 7 : The Christmas Star

My Close Encounters : Chapter 7
The Christmas Star

~ Before I left for California in November, my friend in Colorado had taught me some great things. We would stay up late at night after he got home from work and have really deep discussions about the scriptures, UFOs, aliens, or anything that was on our minds that day. This man just seemed to be full of knowledge and good- though he was not perfect, he has problems like everyone else. But I could really tell he was very close to God and was in a sense a prophet. He would explain things to me that had confused me for years and opened my mind to things I never really understood or thought about before. One day he told me about a new star he had been watching in the sky. He said that it usually came out late at night and was not there every night...

~ wake up, do you want to see a UFO? My friend asked. I looked over at the clock, it was 3 AM. But I jumped right out of bed into the cold night air on his back porch in my tee-shirt and underwear. What is it Brent? I asked him. That new star is out that I have been telling you about. He grabbed his binoculars and pointed toward the mountains in which I saw an unusually bright star I had never noticed before. It was low on the horizon and seemed to be changing colors.  I really feel this is not a star but a very wicked ship. He handed me his binoculars so I could see it better. Now move the binoculars in a clockwise motion and you can see its it changing colors very rapidly... As I focused the star into my view it appeared rather large and very bright. I began to move the binoculars around and it made a trail of light in a circle. The light was changing colors from red to orange to yellow to green to blue. It reminded me of watching Christmas lights. You see, they are up there just waiting for the right time to come down. Yes Brent, I believe so- now I am ready to go back to bed. I'm freezing my butt off.

~ After that night I never saw that star again until recently. Here at home in Pennsylvania, about the third week of December I noticed a very bright star on the horizon in the northwest. I have this uncanny sense that tells me when it is there. I looked over my shoulder and there it was- just as bright as the moon. Watching the star closely I noticed something strange- it was not changing color as before but something was coming out of the bottom of it. I noticed a smaller luminous object leaving the star at the bottom. At the time I first saw this the light coming out of the star appeared red and would shoot off very fast and then enter the star again. Later that night about 7 PM, I told my father to take a look at it, and just as he looked it vanished before our eyes. The next evening it was not there, which I really thought was unusual. The next evening after that it was out again, so I decided to watch it. I watched the star come out around 5 PM, as it slowly descended over a half hour- I watched the red light enter the star and leave it several times. Then at just about 7 PM exactly it blinked out of sight.

~ Then on December 26, the night after Christmas- I witnessed along with a good friend one of the most incredible UFO sightings in a while...

~ Hey Troy, how comes every time I come down to the mall I run into you? Troy laughed and asked me where I was going. Oh, I am just on my break from working over at my mom's store. Well, I'll hang out with you for awhile, nothing else to do. Troy said. Hey, check out this new jacket me dad bought me for Christmas, it's real leather. Cool, but I thought he usually gave you five dollars and some new underwear? I asked. Well, I got that too from my grand-parents. Dad must
be proud of me for moving out on my own finally. Troy said sarcastically. So we walked around the mall awhile and met some of his friends. I bought some soft-pretzels and told him I needed to go back to work. O.K., I'll come along and say hello to your mom. So we walked out through Sears and headed across the parking lot. Geez, it's cold out tonight, I sure hope the heat is working in the store. Right before we got to the store I sensed as if something was watching me. I looked up and right below the moon was the star. Troy, look! There it is, that new star I have been talking about. He looked in the direction I was pointing and saw it right away. Wow, that is a bright star....wait.. it just disappeared!! Did you see that?! Its gone! No it isn't Troy, you just can't see it. It will be back, it must know you looked at it. I have to go in and use the restroom. We went in the store and Troy was very excited and told my mom that he saw the star I had been talking about. I went to the restroom and when I came back, Troy was gone. Troy went back outside. My mom said. So I went back out into the cold without a coat like a crazy fool and saw Troy looking at the sky. It's back and it moved! I looked up and indeed it had moved lower and only in a few minutes. Troy then said Hey, lets get in my car and turn on the heat and watch this thing and see what happens.

~ So we sat in his car for the next half hour. As we watched the star vanish and reappear numerous times we became more convinced that this was a UFO. Soon we noticed some planes coming into the area of the star. We first saw one plane fly toward the star and as it flew directly over top of the star it vanished. The plane was gone. Soon afterwards we noticed that the star seemed to be getting lower and lower very gradually. A few minutes later more planes came into the area- but these planes formed a V formation and all advanced toward the star. Troy shouted Did you see what I just saw?! Yes, Troy I am watching this to. We both saw that the one plane on the right had shot something at the star- a streak of white light came out of the plane. It seemed to have no effect on the star. Then we noticed the star shot something back at the planes. The planes dispersed quickly and flew in three directions. Then the light that the star shot out became brighter and brighter until it became a large orange orb- It looked like it was going to come straight at Troy and I. Troy got really excited Holy Crap, I see a UFO!! Is that the star coming down? No Troy, the star is still there- this is something else- The orange orb came closer until it was right above the shopping center across the highway- we really thought it was going to fly right over us- but then it just vanished as if something stopped it. A few minutes later the star was gone and did not come back. But later in the week Troy told me he saw the star again about 3 AM but it was not doing anything- except changing color...

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