Chapter 8 : Later That Night

My Close Encounters : Chapter 8 :
Later That Night

~ In early December- I had joined a UFO and alien research group over the Internet on America Online called R.I.S.K.E.R.S. They inspired me to set forth and write this book in the first place. But since this recent event I have been nervous about adding this chapter. I only want the truth to be out and whatever happens to me is irrelevant to the situation. The same night that Troy and I witnessed this awesome sight, I went online to tell some friends what had happened. As I entered the Sightings chat room I noticed an unusual name in the room I never had seen before. The person was not talking- just listening in on everyone's conversation.

~ As I thought about this new person, something in my head told me that this guy from the government and that I was to talk to him, and tell him what I saw. I spoke to him telling him I knew who he was and what he was doing. I then explained to him what I had seen earlier that evening.... As I was into the conversation he told me that my call had been traced- he shown me my address and phone number of which was unusual since I did not tell him my name or anything. As the conversation continued he said that he would have a contact reach me in fifteen minutes and that I would receive a phone call - but to let the phone ring twice and not pick it up and then to go back online and wait for the contact to reach me... The following is the first conversation out of four which I had with the contact- who claimed he works with technology and has dealt with the aliens face to face and knows that they are corrupt. Now, I can not verify to you currently if these men are truly with the government- but due to the occurrences and the way this happened, I feel they were.

~ Hello, I am told that you viewed an incident in PA. In what area was this sighting? The man asked me. I Sure did- just tonight- but I have seen many things in my life. Tonight I witnessed a sighting in Hanover, PA with a friend. It was an object which looks like a star, but you can view this star in any state. I replied. Well, did you have anything to ask about this? He asked. Well, first of all I have noticed that this is a new star... And when it first started appearing I knew when it was there like I was being watched. The mysterious man replies. That is correct.

~ I continue to explain to him how we saw planes fly close to the star and vanish- I relate the whole experience to him and persist to ask him what it is. I wanted to know why it would vanish when others looked at it.

~ The object most often seen in that area is ARV-2. This one was not. The planes most likely did not get destroyed, they and the star, accelerated beyond recon capabilities and/or beyond visual capabilities. There were no other reports of UFOs flying out of the star, just some reports of the star vanishing. You are the only one to report other activity. stand by....(pause for 10 minutes) The incident started near Waynesboro. Sighting. Star. This lasted for over 57 minutes in total.

~ I then proceeded to introduce myself and tell him I began seeing this star in Colorado last month.

~ Did you live anywhere near Springfield, Colorado? He asked. I lived in Aurora, but I know where that is. I know or feel something goes on there at Buckley but not yet sure what it is. I know there are underground bases there. I was taken underground during an abduction. I replied.

~ The man continued. I can tell you that things are not what they seem in the pop-media. A lot of it is lies and disinfo. I can not tell you all, but I have some things for you to consider. The answers will lead you to the total answer. In Colorado you say you know a friend saw a lot of activity near Norad. Norad is used as listening post.. that is almost publicly known at this time. Are you familiar with the Hill case in 1969? Yes. Are you a religious person? Yes. Very Christian? Yes, I have been protected by angels during abductions, and I killed some grays. You can not kill them... not really. It only appears that way. Does your first name have 4 letters? Yes, my name is Todd. There is something you should know- This started a very long time ago. Don't subscribe to the popular belief of 'Aliens' It is true that another race came here. But that is not what you are encountering. You are correct, we are powerless in the true sense of the word to battle this. We can not tell the public at large. Too dangerous. Did my commanding officer tell you what I do? No. He was going to let you. It is a classified position involving research and technology. I can only help you to a point. Ask yourself a few questions though.. If these were truly aliens with the ability to paralyze people for experiments.... then why don't they just paralyze a blood bank which has all of the needed materials. Most of what you experience is for you to see it, and not 'for real.' But I think you already know what we know. But what about the technological- the bodies- the scar on my neck? I know there is a civilization underground- I am extremely compelled that I must go to them. The scar is real... the bodies... real... the apparent technology is real. Before you go further...... I'm sorry, I have to stop. Do you have any other questions? Just read the file I am sending and get back to me. If I can I will.

~ What do these beings want from us? Why do they come after me? Why have I seen about 14 UFOs now? I asked. They want more than you might think. You already know the answer to why you have seen them. If you consider what I have said carefully... There will be great events to take place in the next 5 years. Any other questions?

~ Yes, how is the Gov. going to stop these beings- they have more powerful weapons. They have been around longer than we have. Star Wars was a first attempt... we are slowly (too slowly) realizing just what we are dealing with. You are so close to the correct answer. It is a shame that I can not tell you. I am not exactly military like... but I do have my rules too. I will give you an example of some of the questions you should be asking yourself. What was happening in my life when this all started? Why would this seem like it is for my viewing? I know what you saw. I know what you are experiencing. You have not reached the correct conclusions. You are close. You are very close. When you reach the answer, you will have more questions, some of which I can help you with more. Look at history; ancient to now. Replace words like leprechaun, fairy, giants with alien and see if the experiencer is telling the same story; and then ask why? Look at what is the result of these encounters on your friends is it....good or bad? It is not genetic manipulation... but you are very close... Do not make the mistake of being 'sure' about anything and then it will hit you. If you are religious then take a look at your bible...its in there too. Look up the references for nefilim (nephilim and or Annuki) in the old testament. Where did they come from?? I hesitatingly give my reply.. The nephilim were made by fallen angels; Satan tempted these angels. They also created a serpent race. Follow that path and more answers will present themselves. The grays are nephlim.... modern day. Do not look to the
stars for your answers.... you have them.. take it from me... I wasn't religious at all until getting involved.

~ I continued to ask if the star was some type of ship- He confirmed that is was some sort of large craft and possibly a of an evil nature. It was most commonly referred to them as DS-101, or Dark Star.

~ So I was pondering over this for the next two days. As I was home alone I would get phone calls that would hang up as soon as I said hello and so forth. So I felt that my phone was tapped. Maybe not, maybe I am just getting paranoid. Here are two more conversations I had with this supposed Government contact. Before this next conversation, my father and I were followed by a black triangle type plane that had a light on each end for about two minutes on the way home from my doctor. I had sent mail to the supposed Government agent about this. I also had asked him about the alien found at the Roswell crash- he said that the alien had died on August 5, 1949 from an apparent brain hemorrhage. What was so ironic about this is that I was born on that date.

~ I continued to have many numerous conversations over the next couple weeks and still have contact with them. I have learned a lot of valuable things- and also have come to a greater knowledge of what is to come... This is just the beginning of my adventure...

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