Chapter 4 : The Return Home

My Close Encounters :
Chapter 4 : The Return Home

~ Well, some of those things are hard to believe, said Mike. Well some of the stories you tell me are just as strange Mike. Indeed they were. This guy believed that God had chosen him to lead 300 UFOs into battle in the future to protect us. He was always telling whacked out stories about all the times he had been arrested and so forth. I began to feel very uncomfortable with him and told him of this.

~ As the days went on Mike became very distraught because he was not doing well on the job and he seemed very agitated. He began to become mentally abusive and ended up threatening to kick me out on my own. So I got the next plane from LAX to Colorado Springs. All the while my grandmother had called the cops and the hotel and Mike's corporation telling them that Mike had been beating me up and all these other things.

~ My family may not be perfect, probably far from it- and not as close as the Mormon family is supposed to be. But when someone is in trouble, you can bet they are there for each other and they would do anything to make sure I was safe.

~ We had moved to Utah in August and things did not go as well as we had planned. We did not have many friends in Pennsylvania and since my father was on disability we thought it would be nice to live out the rest of our life out west. On the way my mother broke her knee falling out of the van. We were living in a four-room, run down apartment. No one seemed very happy- I was somewhat content with myself. I had a job doing lawn service and had made some friends. My first day on the job I was heading to Kaysville, Utah and on the way there I was looking at the Wasatch mountain range near Bountiful. I spotted a silver disc-shaped object hovering over top of the large white radar balls that sit on top of the mountain. I watched it hover for about 5 minutes and then it slowly proceeded up the mountain side and flew down over top of the radar balls and disappeared. About a week later I saw it again except this time as I was watching it. It suddenly vanished into thin air.

~ I felt inspired that I was to come out west for a purpose. But my family was just getting more and more contentious all the time. We were only in Utah about a month and they decided to move back to Pennsylvania. I was upset and demanded I stay in Utah.

~ Before I had moved out west I had made some friends in Colorado over the Internet. They believed a lot of the same things I did, of course they are also Mormons. Throughout my experiences I had to learn on my own and find my own answers to these UFOs and aliens. I had uploaded a file explaining my situation and my story and they contacted me out of the blue and told me that I was exactly right about the aliens. They also had come to know that they were genetically altered beings made by Satan.

~ My one friend who shall remain unknown out of respect for his story has meant the most to me throughout all this. He began to experience these things with his family in 1992. A year ago his family and he were traveling around the desert area of Colorado looking for things when they were approached with UFOs near the fields of NORAD. He believes that in ancient times Prophets had technology given to them and that it was buried in these mounds in Colorado among other places. We both believe that at some future date God or perhaps we will just dig these buried craft out of the earth and use them against the grays. I will not tell much more about what my friend knows, for I am not at liberty to say out of a great deal of trust we have in each other and sacredness.

~ So I stayed at his house another week until my father came to pick me up to take me back to Pennsylvania. He had traveled out on a greyhound bus to Denver. I had my car all packed up with my computer and two suitcases barely enough room for my dad. It took him two days to get out there.

~ The man caught a glance of the pin of the angel Moroni upon my father's collar from the next seat across from him.. Say, you would not happen to be a Mormon would ya? The man asked my father. Why yes I am, how did you know? My father said apprehensively to the strange man dressed completely in black wearing a black hat, jacket and pants. I saw your pin there sir, I'm a Mormon too. So where are you headed? I am on the way to Denver to pick up my oldest son. He went out there by himself to live on his own for a while, and now he is ready to come home, my father replied. I'm on my way out to Hill Air Force base, I have to pick up my family and head up to Alaska. The man stated. I know where that is, my son is into that stuff, he says the government keeps secret technology out on those bases. He went out to California and stopped at a secret base in Nevada and told me he saw some strange things. The man's eyes widened and he replied affirmatively You don't know half of what the government has going on out there. I am in the Air Force myself. One day they arrive at my home and tell me that my wife is going on a month long vacation to her grandmother's house. They told me that I had to pack up my things for a special operation. So before I know it they have me flying out to a place to pick up something from a crash. They could not tell me where I was going because I was just a flight engineer. So I was onboard one of those helicopters that fly Mach 1 out to the crash. We get there and we put on these special radiation suits that can handle temperatures above 1,000 degrees and they made us wear these special helmets that covered our whole head. So we dropped the cables to pick up a box filled with something from the crash. As soon as I grabbed those cables the hair stood up on my arms and I could see through my helmet that the box was glowing green. We then get the thing aboard and fly as fast as we can to White Sands.

~ So why are you telling me all this stuff? My dad asked. Well, you don't know who I am, and I figured your son would be interested in it. They have the best technology in the world, stuff that could blow us all to hell in an instant. They have things underground you will never hear about on the news. That's why the government is closing the underground bases up now. My son told me that there are tunnels that go underground out there. The man said Your son is right. They have tunnels that go for miles. There were tunnels there before the Mormons built their temples. They go right under Salt Lake City. Didn't you ever hear the story about the temple worker who was attacked by an alien when they were exploring those tunnels? He said it looked like a reptile-man. The government came in and closed them up and now the church still has part of them as tunnels underneath the temple grounds. My dad was amazed. He never got the man's name, all he knows now is that he was headed to Alaska on another special operation.

~ On the way home I began to tell my father about my experience and all my troubles. We were happy to be finally heading home after what seemed to be a very long vacation. As we passed through Limon, Kansas he told me about the UFO that my family and he saw on the way back home from Utah. It was shaped as a large black wing and flew slowly while circling above them for about 15 minutes. My dad thought it was some kind of stealth plane but when it turned sideways it seemed it disappeared. I told him, It was probably one of the secret stealth planes but definitely had alien technology. It took us four days to get home because we got a flat tire and a dead car battery. We have the best luck...

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