Chapter 2 : My First Encounters

My Close Encounters :
Chapter 2 : My First Encounters

~ As we traveled on the road Mike asked me to tell him my story - that was probably the main reason he wanted me to come with him on this trip. He had heard from my friend that I was an abductee and had a lot of experience with UFOs. So I started off by telling him about my first UFO sighting.

~ One night in November of 1988, I was putting my puppy outside before I went to bed. When all of a sudden I heard this loud roar in the sky right above me, it sounded like a train or the ocean. I looked at the sky and saw all the stars. It was a clear night, but right above the house was a large wing-like triangle, dark black in color or the absence of color and it just hovered there for who knows how long- about five minutes maybe, at least long enough for me to get a good look. I ran in the house yelling, Get a camera, I see a UFO! Nobody paid attention except my brother Tim who came out with me. It was still there hovering in the same spot as large as my whole house or larger. Tim looked at it to in amazement - he was only eight at the time. He ran after the dog. The triangular craft had a bright blue light at each end and I saw that smaller orange orb-like lights were flying toward the craft, when the lights finally reached the craft, it totally vanished and I looked toward the mountains and saw a bright purple comet shoot up into the sky and I just supposed that the UFO took off at such a great speed my eyes couldn't see it. Soon afterward I saw airplanes spotlighting the area and some helicopters.

~ Later that year my whole family was coming home from the mall and on the way we saw that the main road was blocked and that a tractor trailer had flipped completely upside down on a straight highway. So we took the detour up over a hill at a good distance away from the wreck when suddenly I noticed a large black circle hovering above the wreck with lights all around the circle, I told my family to look, they all saw it. It just hovered there, but my mom just drove us home, everyone was spooked.

~ Mike then asked me how old I was when that happened. I replied About 12. We lived in Pennsylvania back then near a town called Selinsgrove. What was odd is that 50 miles away at my mother's aunt's house there had been reports of UFOs. And a few years later we read in a tabloid about a wing-like black triangle UFO flying around Selinsgrove, and my mother knew the people who claimed to have seen it, so this verified my story. Mike asked me why the UFOs appeared to me so much and other people never see anything at all. I am not sure, I always felt that the UFOs were evil for some reason and that they were after me. I tried telling my church leaders about it when I was young and I have told some about it now but they would rather not speak of these things and most of them think I have a bizarre imagination. It has been hard for me during life trying to figure out how UFOs and aliens tie into things and the gospel and I had to seek out answers without the help of others.

~ Mike then told me that I seemed different and that it would be better to tell him about myself so that we could be more comfortable with each other. I told him about my upbringing how I was raised in the Mormon church and had strong beliefs in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I told him about my family, and that we have had many problems getting through life. I talked about my goals, I had always wanted to be a cartoonist someday and work for Walt Disney, and I was excited because we were going to Disneyland in California when we got there. We talked a while longer about things and what we would do in California and then I went to sleep...

~ So we arrived in Pasadena about 3 AM, signed in and hit the sack. The next morning we awoke about 11 and went over the days schedule. He explained to me that I would just be making phone calls to different businesses in the area to set up appointments. We were making guest directories for the hotels. He then told me he was almost out of money and was not sure when we would get more and he began bugging me for my traveler's cheques. So I guess we got off to a good start.

~ As the days went on and became nights I became depressed, nothing was really going down and Mike was acting weird and becoming abusive. The second night became extremely tense. I woke up in the middle of the night and heard a hum in my head. I opened my eyes and saw someone standing beside the bed. A faint blue light surrounded the personage which appeared to be a gray colored man with a big head and large black almond-shaped eyes. It reached out and grabbed my hand and all of a sudden the room changed into some type of a laboratory with strange computers and screens. The alien spoke to me, and I sensed he was trying to show affection towards me. He called me The chosen One. I expressed I have had it with you guys, I told you before to leave me alone, you are not good and can not make me believe you are good. The being explained that I was chosen, he spelled out on a paper a new name for me. I read the name and it said Enoch. I told him that God may has chosen me but not you, and not in this manner. You can not deceive me, I know what you are and what you are doing, and you have no right to take me from my bed at night against my will. The being replied You do not realize what you are saying, we are also creations of God and are good. We shall show ourselves to the world soon and then you must decide what to do. I got angry and commanded the alien in the name of Jesus Christ to take me back. All of a sudden the strange room was filled with a bright white light and I was taken into it. The next morning I awoke with a slight headache and a nose-bleed.

~ That day I told Mike what had happened and he was scared and partially did not believe me. He then asked me if this had happened before and why the aliens were after me so much. I told him that I have been chosen by God to perform a sacred mission in the future and that these beings are trying to stop me and deceive me. That they are not really aliens from another world far away but are from earth and were created by a dark force, commonly referred to as Satan or Lucifer. So I told him how I knew these things and explained to him my stories about my abductions and how I looked for answers by prayer and received revelation from God to what these things were. So we will take a small trip back through time to when these things began in my life...

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