Sunday, February 5, 2017

My Close Encounters Blog

I am writing this blog based on a 9 chapter story I wrote years ago based on my experiences with the paranormal as I was growing up. More specifically these encounters have had to do with UFOs, and night visitations of entities commonly known as "greys."

At the time I wrote this book just out of high school, and had written it based on a spiritual and religious perspective, being a member of the LDS (Mormon) church at the time, I tried using my knowledge and faith to explain what these beings were, and how I stopped them.
I was originally persecuted and pressured by church leaders to remove my story from the internet, as I was threatened with excommunication for mentioning the existence of aliens (even though they believe in worlds without number) But throughout my research I found just how deep this conspiracy was hidden, and in fact many LDS abductees existed.

But I have decided, I had those experiences for a reason, and that truth should not be hidden, no matter how disturbing it is. I am sure there are plenty who know me from years ago, but if you can respect to just use my alias I appreciate it.


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