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by B. Alan. Walton
Utah is literally surrounded by underground bases where 'reptilian humanoids' reportedly have been seen. I will assume that the reader is already familiar with the reptilian mystery as described in such websites and
On such sites one will learn about these bases, in this case those surrounding the state of Utah on all sides...Burley Idaho to the north, Mt. Teton to the northeast, Denver International Airport to the east, Dulce New Mexico to the southeast, Superstition Mts. near Phoenix Arizona to the South and Las Vegas, Mercury, Groom Lake Nevada to the west.

There has been a great deal written on the reptilians, especially on David Icke's reptilian Archives site and these cases are certainly not limited to the areas mentioned above. This report will deal mainly with the reptilian activity in Utah, or rather the many stories that I have heard. Whether these accounts are based on fact or fancy I will let the readers decide.

I was born and lived the early years of my life in the southeast corner of Salt Lake Valley. Although I have no "conscious" memory, I do have what might be called "intuitive" memories in the form of dreams and so on of being involved in some sort of government-alien interaction scenario, sincea child. The gist of the scenario involves underground colonies of humans who, after entering into territorial treaties with subterran species of reptilian humanoids, over a period of time became increasingly assimilated into a psychic collective which controls the reptilians.
These humans are known as the Melchizedeks who apparently have ties with the inner cores of Masonry, Mormonism, the Naga-Mayas of Mt. Shasta, the Agharti-Ashtar collective and native tribes living in a large system of caverns. There are even rumors that the lost Israelite tribe of Mannasah resides in this underground realm.

My first introduction to the "reptilian" mystery came through my correspondence with Tal Le Vesque. Sometime later I began hearing rumors ofrelated activity in Utah. I remember the day when I received a phone call from my friend Kaye Studstrup of S.E. Salt Lake City, telling me about what she learned from a friend of hers, Irvarene Davis, of West Valley City,Utah. I called and later visited, Mrs Davis in her home and learned the whole story. I was not surprised to learn that her entire neighborhood had been plagued for years by abduction type phenomena. One of her neighbors spoke of being abducted to an underground city where she met strange humans and brown skinned reptilians. But this was not the story which led me to her.

The story involved a young man named peter, the son-in-law of Mrs Davis, who had just been hired on as a security guard at the Crossroads Mall in downtown Salt lake City. Peter had learned that construction workers digging out the lower levels of the Mall - where Crossroads Cinemas now lie - had broken into some underground tunnels, but never returned, he was told. When asking a fellow security guard about his desire to explore the tunnels, he was told that this would not be wise since he might encounter the "lizard men" (exact words) and not be allowed to return. This other security guard was deadly serious.

Another Salt Laker, john Todd, recalls the day many years ago when he walked into the Crossroads Plaza, only to find a construction area in the lowest level where there was a pit-tunnel cordoned off by construction tape. Ever curious, Mr Todd walked apst the barrier and looked down the hole. Suddenly a construction worker appeared and angrily told him to leave the area.

Mr Todd responded in a friendly fashion and got the man to admit that the tunnel had been penetrated five days earlier, that one of the workers went down in it to explore, but in the five days since had not returned... John Todd had also worked at the Dugway military base to the west, where he had met a man at the tire shop who swore that he had seen 'people' transform into reptilian humanoids, in the town of Dugway.

Kaye Studstrup had introduced me to Dan, a young man whose life was going well until he was abducted in City Creek canyon east of Salt Lake City, by a "UFO". he did not remember what took place following his initial encounter -he woke up on the ground in the dead of night - but he did have nightmares of tall, green-skinned (reptilian?) aliens with dark eyes staring down at him, as if he were on some sort of operating table. Dan became very suicidal afterwards.

Kaye Studstrup claims to be part of a hybrid program. As a teen she had photographic memory, until the abductions began, following which she had experienced nothing but memory problems... almost as if the aliens are intentionally disarming those who might become a threat to them. the evidence suggests that they also use "Montaukian" temporal manipulation to control us, having created numerous temporal even singularities which act as parasitical artificial reality-fields which feed off of our own prime universal nexus.

Anyway, Kaye showed me the skin on her lower legs which appeared very scaly(not the result of drying but definitely-defined pink 'scales'). So may be she is part of some alien genetic project? Her father worked with the Manhattan project, which according to some was also involved with reptilian 'Gray' aliens based under Los Alamos, New Mexico. Kaye's grandson Matthew is also an abductee. Kaye recalls meeting a "man" who claimed to be from Draconis. Matt also met this individual and complained afterward that he had somehow gained access to his mind and wouldn't leave.

Irvarene Davis of West Valley City (west of Salt lake City) also recalls childhood experiences with reptilian-like aliens, on one occasion she was horrified to see what she could only describe as an alien that looked like a "creature from the "Black Lagoon" peering in through her window while she was living in Nevada. Some time later Mrs. Davis' son Robert was hired on as a security worker on a night shift, with the help of his brother-in-law Peter.

Soon Robert realized that there was something strange going on. he was familiar with the claims of alien activity in Area 51, for this was shortly after 1987 when the alien interaction scenario was simultaneously exposed by such figures as Bob Lazar, John Lear, William Cooper, Bill Hamilton, Agent Yellow Fruit, George Knapp, Billy Goodman, the late Stacy Borland and others. Robert stated that the same power cult that was operating in Nevada(Groom Lake) seemed to be active in Salt lake City - which according to thelate (?) Dulce base security officer Thomas Castello contains an underground base connecting Area 51 and Dulce - Los Alamos.

One night Robert and Peter, following a routine investigation resulting from a bomb threat entered an "off limits" passage in the Crossroads Cinemas area of the mall. Peter had earlier mentioned a "water dept." manhole cover in this - the lowest section of the mall - as being an entrance to the tunnels, but I have reason to believe that there are other access points as well, in this case a locked stairwell behind the right-hand theater, entered through two exit doors on either side of the screen. behind this theater there is a locked door without a label and some steps leading up into a long hallway that connects with the other theaters before it emerges into the underground parking lot or into the main Mall.

Apparently Robert and Pete used the bomb threat as an excuse to enter the sub-basement that they would normally have no business entering. They descended THREE levels below the lowest part of the Mall, emerging into along hallway leading north.At the far end of the hall were two ancient-looking wooden doors where the sub-basement of the Mormon Temple would be (I heard from elsewhere that there may be as many as eight levels beneath the Mormon Temple, and over thirty miles of tunnels supposedly built by early leaders of the church).

When the Scottish Rite Mason Brigham Young first entered the Salt Lake Valley he ordered the excavation of a large hole that would later become the sub-basement of the Mormon temple. Then a rumor surfaced that a U.S. Army battalion was headed their way, so Brigham Young ordered the excavation to be filled in until the military had passed through. What was he trying to hide? There are rumors that the Rothschilds and their Masonic Lodge helped finance the Mormon church just as they financed the Jehovah's Witnesses, Unitarian and other neo-masonic churches. But this can not be entirely confirmed. It is however written about the Rothschilds cult-network and the "reptilian" connection.

Back to Robert Davis and Pete...they also noticed in the underground hall a door separate from the northern wooden doors, behind which they saw a greenish luminescence. For some reason the thought of opening that door frightened them, so they did not. Brent Butler of Colorado also claimed that he and a friend had seen this underground hall three levels down.

Todd Jumper president of Eaglenet, mentioned something that caught my attention a few years back. While traveling interstate on a bus he had struck up a conversation with a man who out of the blue told him a strange story. he had personal knowledge of a construction worker who was among those who broke into the underground tunnels during the excavation of the Crossroads Cinemas. This worker swore that after entering the tunnels he was attacked by a "lizard" or "serpent" man. he escaped with his life and so on the story was making the rounds. Apparently the "feds" even got involved. I doubt that they called in Agent "Mulder" though.

I've heard variations on this story from elsewhere, some versions mention a temple worker, but the above is the most tangible one that I've heard to date. But of course Robert Davis is the prime source. According to his mother Irvarene, following and a friend of his returned one night to investigate a manhole cover that he had heard about. Whether it was in an alley adjacent to Crossroads or within the loading dock, I'm not certain . After having pulled up the manhole cover with a truck and chain, the two entered an underground passage that intersected with the cities' underground drainage system. They passed an intersection where they had to navigate over a stream of water and continued until they finally emerged into a cement chamber about ten feet square.

In the floor was a metallic trap door which could only be opened from above. They did so, being careful to leave the trap door open. Below was an identical cement cubicle with yet another trap door and below this a similar one. This third room had a long tunnel leading north to a door. Carefully opening the door, just a crack, they peered through into a large under ground chamber about 300 feet long, in which they saw "two men in suits and carrying Uzi machine guns, pacing back and forth". Needless to say they b eat a hasty retreat back to the third cubicle, but their curiosity getting the better of them they continued downward, to a fourth and then a fifth cubicle. The fifth had a tunnel leading south, into a large cavern.

The most noticeable sight was the large south tunnel, strung with lights and "large enough to drive a semi-truck through". I wonder if this connects with the underground tunnels that are said lie beneath the Trolley Square and Sugarhouse Malls or, possibly, with the massive caverns that lie under the north face of Little Cottonwood Canyon to the south-southeast. MANY sources have referred to the "Granite Mountain" base in Little Cottonwood Canyon, consisting of a huge underground "vault" maintained by the Mormon church, connected by an underground passage to an even larger "military base" to the northeast, where witnesses have reported massive underground construction projects, huge caverns and underground buildings in which CIA agents have been seen working with reptilian Grays on electronic equipment and so on.

Robert Davis also reported that in the cavern he and his friend entered, there was also an apparently bottomless shaft, since they heard no resound when stones were thrown down it. Also there was manhole cover with the initials >Z. carved into it and Robert suspected that this might be a tunnel that led to the "Hogal Zoo" to the east. The strangest sight however were the human-sized footprints in the dust of the chamber, but these prints had only three toes! The two of them returned to the surface and it was only a few days later that Robert heard an unusual story... It seemed that a Hispanic woman who did night-cleaning in the mall had quit. She claimed that while working a creature that she could only describe as a "demon" wobbled up to her, snarled in her face and then continued past her down the hall.

Robert, realizing that he and his friend did NOT close the "trap-doors" when they left the cubicle shaft, was afraid that he. essentially, had been responsible for the incident by inadvertently opening up the door to Hades... There is another admitted "rumor" of a large "Masonic Tunnel" leading from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. Also Kate Studstrup claimed to have seen reptilian shape shifters in a Nordstrom store in downtown Salt Lake City. In somewhat of an Icke an vein, she described the impostors as tall, lanky blond and with modern "bowl" haircuts. What tipped her off was a conversation she had overheard between the two of them. Also neither of them had any blemishes whatsoever.

Many mornings I've awakened to the faint sounds of screams and cries as if from men, women and children crying out from dungeons underground...with faint memories of horrible nightmares of alien prison camps deep underground where atrocities beyond human comprehension are being carried out. Given the chance, supposing there were a large enough militia force to carry it out, I would gladly take part in an "operation dungeon storm" type of invasion of the underworld, flame-thrower in one hand and a 9mm semi-automatic in the other as we commence to kick ass and take names. But don't ask me to do it alone! Maybe one day the conditions will be ripe for such a response to the reptilian threat. But unfortunately most people seem to be more interested in talk than action. I can't help but feel it might take a very rude awakening to motivate the masses to respond to the reptilian threat above, within and BELOW. Until then I suppose that the cries and screams of thelost will continue.


jason said...

i thought i was the only one who believed all of this..are you still interested

jasp said...

I often wondered why Alex Jones doesn't ever mention this? I think it's because some people are just not ready to openly admit this, even though deep down our survival instincts tells us it's true.

jasp said...

You would be surprised how many people know what is going on. Most people I have spoken with seem to know, even though they have never heard of this before, they seem to know it's true as if something in their inner mind in telling them that this is for real.

Anonymous said...

most reptilians r not aliens
they evolved from dinosaurs(long before us) as u all know we're from ape and we r the 7th generation already(human-like aliens from diff bubble did somt with our DNA)this explains why we only hav some thousands of years recorded history
they(earth reptilians) have 7 colonies in our solar system -the moon,venus,mars and 4 other moons orbiting jupiter
so..we share this world with them and yes, we're the younger one
more info..15 races come to earth, 3 r hostile(grays?)

Carl Melanson said...

I go to the bookstore a lot ad I've uncovered something about jews that I think would interest you. If you look on the back of certain books, you'll see that they have triangles and/or the three letters EAN near the UPC. If you look it up on the internet, you'll find out that these letters stand for European Article Numbering. However, I suspected that something more sinister was going on, so I thought I would see if there was something about these books that would connect them in a different way. I soon made the connection. The symbol and/or EAN is only on the back of books written or translated by by reptilian jews. And some of these books contain their Zionist doctrines, such as Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock, a jew, who on page 495 talks about "highly initiated" members of society maintaing the essence of an ancient cult (freemasonry), and that this cult would hold to the secrets of their soceity for thousands of years "like the Jews awaiting their Messiah," until they are sure that the moment has come to "declare themselves." A lot of these books also talk about Socialism, namely a People's History of the U.S by Howard Zinn, a jew. And the triangle, interestingly enough, is also on the back of Barack Obama's books, because he works for their New World Order along with Rahm Emanuel. Oh, yeah, and it's also on the back of the Satanic Bible, written by Anton Lavey, a jew. Wham!!! Hits ya hard, don't it!!! Wierd, because as soon as I figured this out I started having encounters with these reptilians who were trying to intimidate me in public. Next time your on the bus, just think "Are there any reptilians here?" They're telepathic, they hear our thoughts the same way we hear conversations. So if someone suddenly looks at you, you know you're not looking at a human being. Then think "You're a reptilian?" and they'll look at you again. At first I was terrified but now I just laugh at them because they're dumb as fuck.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

i see that most post replys are a few years old im wondering if the composer of this article checks regularly of this blog. if so i would really really appreciate contact to be made, i have questions and information. please contact me through my email asap. i have sensitive information to discuss.

Marilyn Zein El-Abidin said...

I was discussing this with someone recently and she told me that she often sees a green sheen on her skin in summer? The information was all new to her

Anonymous said...

Some of these "things" are holographs. That is why when you shoot at them they are unharmed. Others are mutants. And, it will get worse before better. Avoid them or soon you will not be able to shake them.

Anonymous said...

Carl you are right about Obama and Emanuel. They are Satanists and Illuminati members, although Obama thinks he is above the Illuminati. The mark of the beast will be a UPC symbol on forehead or hand.

Lisa Clark said...

this is the first time ive seen or investigated this site there is activity under the streets in the tunnels right now i have been hearing screaming crying and pleas for help from under the ground in the downtown area for months now .dont know what to do about it people think im crazy but its real

Light guardian said...

They are starting to feel threatend . Some of the souls they play with have been coming back too many times and are becoming powerful . Powerful enough to make then expose themselves to those that threaten them. I have seen people bend light and this takes very experienced light workwers to do this . These people are waking up and fighting back on their home field what ever dimensions they come from .Its real and its happening . The violently and war feeds them we must unite and fight to win

Christopher Chipps said...

These so-called aliens or reptilians are really fallen angels or demons, maybe these 'reptilians" are gargoyles, a spawn of Satan. Satan is behind it I'm sure.

Unknown said...

I don't see any updates for this blog... I just wanted to leave my comment to see if I get any responses... I was listening to Ground Zero & Clide was talking about the tunnels under Cross Roads Mall & the "Lizard People" stories.
I would like to know if anyone has attenpted to explore these tunnels anymore? If so, what's the story? Anything new to report? Also, are people still hearing sounds of screaming & crying underground?
I've lived in Utah my whole life (30yrs) I just recently (15yrs ago) started looking into the Alien, UFO, Reptilian etc. phenomenon & I am even more intrigued to know about these tunnels!
Thanks for taking the time to read this & I hope to read or find an update soon!
Take care my!