Saturday, March 1, 2008

the Power of Love

In response to a question sent to me privately, asking how my views changed over the years regarding my experiences, and the priesthood, how it stopped my abductors...

Yes its been years and my beliefs have shifted. First one must ask, well what is priesthood?

Most will say authority to act in God's name, but to these beings, they would just laugh as such nonsense. To which I have since come to understand it was my faith and love for Christ, myself and family that was the true power. The true power Christ has, to act in his name is to act out of Love.

It is not a title, a hands on calling by other men, but to tap into the Love that created US ALL, everything, that LOVE is the highest authority and power. It is what resides within the smallest particle of every element, and those elements, particles respond to the commands of Love, NOT the commands of a religious order or priest craft.

It was love that manipulated the energies that held me bound, and instead were dispersed. Once the beings knew that I now understood, that the only power they had over me was the power that I allowed them to, and that I understood who I really was, they no longer could take me.

Think about it, if they wanted me dead, I would have never been heard from again.

Years later through some hypnotherapy and mediation with a clairvoyant healer, she was able to see that these negative beings had implanted something into my etheric energy field, which is how I was being tracked. She was able to remove it, and at that very moment a shadow ran out of the room and we both saw it, since that time I was never bothered again, or for that matter saw anymore UFOs. So that is somewhat why I stopped writing, not to say more experiences did not take place, I will be writing those as time allows.

Understand that we are all Love, and it is the Love of God that controls the elements, which any person, male, female or child can tap into.


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